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Start-up Micro Brewery

Beer supplies – Brewing Equipment – Beer Startup Equipment - Start-up Micro Brewery

In our Home Brewery kit, we sell you the right stuff the first time.

Two buckets, one for bottling and one for fermenting. Other homebrew shops sell a bucket with a spout for both. Fermenting in a bucket with a spout is always risky. The spout has areas that simply can not be properly sanitized, given time these un-sanitized areas will bloom with bacteria creating 5 gallons of quality malt vinegar, Cheers!  A secondary carboy is included for two stage fermentations. The siphon is an auto-siphon, pump once and let her flow, no sucking on tubes. Also when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing we get right to the good stuff: Oxygen cleansers and Acid sanitizers, forget all that stuff that makes your beer taste like sucking on a band-aid.

As far as a pot goes, we recommend visiting your local big box store, there you can get a 20 or 22 quart pot with a big thick sandwiched bottom, this will keep your malt extracts from burning to the bottom of the pot.   These pots generally sell for about $70.00 and are the best choice for kitchen brewing. If you plan on brewing out of the house on a outdoor patio stove or Turkey fryer type burner, then we recommend starting with a 7 gallon or larger pot so that a full volume boil can be performed. With a full volume boil you generally start with about 6.25 gallon of wort and boil down from there. Since the water to sugar ratio is much thinner in this method of brewing, a thick bottom pot is not necessary. Full volume boils like this tend to make better beer. However, if you plan to brew with this method a wort chiller is considered a must. 5 gallons of boiling liquid is simply too much to cool in an ice bath. A simple 25 foot 3/8” copper chiller is all you need.

The full kit as described:

JU202         Home brewery kit:

Dvd: Basic Brewing™  “Introduction to Extract Home Brewing

6.5 gallon primary ferment bucket

6.5 gallon bottling bucket complete with spigot

5 gallon plastic carboy (secondary fermentor)

Automatic siphon with hose

Bottle filler

Premium double wing hand capper

Triple scale hydrometer

Bung for carboy

3 piece airlock

8 oz Oxygen cleanser

8 oz Star san sanitizer

1 gross bottle caps

Fermometer for viewing fermentor temperatures

extra grommet

1 pack dry yeast to be stored in refrigerator as a back-up yeast

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